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The Fully Programmable Keyboard

Every Keystroke, A Support for  Innovation

Meet AgileWhisker: A fully customizable

PC Peripheral product

Is keyboard innovation just about swapping keycaps or cases?
Is it merely about upgrading to triple modes, adding screens, or knobs?
Let's redefine what a custom keyboard can be. It's about returning the power of definition to the users. It's about
lowering the barriers in both hardware and software, allowing anyone to easily master keyboard creation skills. Let's
make custom keyboards fun and efficient companions in life and work.

AgileWhisker Elite

AgileWhisker Keypad-Base

Jacdac Modules

Unleash Your Creativity

You can experience various interactive experiments in our demo

community, or you can customize creations using typescript

Drive peripherals and create a sense of atmosphere
Interesting computer interaction, your imagination is unlimited
PC events, such as an email reminder
Home assistant

Richly Customizable

Experience a wealth of peripherals, simple connections. With Microsoft's latest Jacdac protocol and bus-style connections, there's no fuss about underlying hardware.

Programming in TypeScript

Using TypeScript, you can program and reprogram every aspect of the keyboard's hardware. From custom macros to specific workflow actions, tailor every keystroke to fit your unique needs.

IoT Interface

Embracing IoT, we've introduced an IoT interface. Quickly send MQTT messages via the keyboard to interact with your DIY smart home.

Open Source

Hardware and software, fully open source. We empower users by giving back the rights to define their personal input devices.

Maximize Productivity

Our web-based SKILL platform allows users to browse and customize

effortlessly, ditching all connection software. Change SKILL as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

AgileWhisker is set of revolutionary PC peripheral widgets that can be programmed with JavaScript.

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